Poverty in EuropePoverty in Europe

The international Red Cross / Red Crescent today publishes its new report on the growing levels of poverty across Europe.

It states that 43 million Europeans are unable to afford food and rely on soup kitchens and 120 million are sinking into poverty, the deepest crisis for six decades. And that having a job is no longer a guarantee of avoiding poverty.

It should be seen as an 'alarm call' to the Trade Unions and political Labour that if we do not offer real solutions and leadership to those affected by the crisis in society then we bear the blame and the shame when people vote for right wing extremist parties who are hostile to Unions and Labour and social minorities.

The pdf of the full report can be obtained here:



Identify how the individual National Electrical Unions organised on a Global basis can work together to combat exploitation in our industry.


Ascertain how working together and organising on a Global basis we can prevent exploitation in our Industry


Decide how we can influence the direction of employment standards and eliminate exploitation in our industry.

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