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An Electric Industry’s Perspective.

A report of 12 Major electricity companies from across the world (RWE, ENEL, EDF, Iberdrola- EUbased, Rushydro, EuroSiberenergo Russia based, HydroQuebec, AEP, Electrobras Americas based Kansai Electric, TEPCO, State Grid Corporation of China, Asian (Japan and China)

The report gives an overview of major technological developments and what can be expected. The companies hope that the report is useful in preparation of COP21 in Paris.

Rather strange in the recommendations is the one promoting PPPs, or public private partnerships. The report itself has rather little to say on this, why and how.So for this to stick out as a recommendation is strange. It is however in line with other points by which the companies concerned seek to get state aid, for example through power purchasing agreements (which has proven to be costly especially in developing countries) and contracts of difference (by which a price is guaranteed. There is a reference to the SIngle Buyer Model that the companies argue can work as well. Interesting as there are 4 European companies who support this ??

An interesting report to read critically.

Full full report available here. >



Identify how the individual National Electrical Unions organised on a Global basis can work together to combat exploitation in our industry.


Ascertain how working together and organising on a Global basis we can prevent exploitation in our Industry


Decide how we can influence the direction of employment standards and eliminate exploitation in our industry.

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